Culture and Climate Change: Scenarios

Renata Tyszczuk, Joe Smith, and Robert Butler (eds.) Culture and Climate Change: Scenarios (Cambridge: Shed, 2019)

Culture and Climate Change: Scenarios presents reflections on scenario-making in the context of climate crisis. Scenarios have played a prominent role in climate research, policy and communication. However, we were also interested in their potential as stories and speculative fictions, for both imagining and responding to climate futures. Our challenge was to open up thinking on climate change scenarios in the wake of the Paris Agreement that emerged from COP 21. The book includes a series of essays from across a network of climate researchers along with accounts of the Culture and Climate Change ‘networked’ arts-research residency programme. Together these contributions invite transformational thinking on unpredictable climate-changed futures. Our hope is that collective scenario-making can help to animate careful but purposeful action. After all, when we generate scenarios we are asking ourselves what kind of future do we want.

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